Welcome to my blog site. This is where I will share my thoughts and insights on life as a small town councillor. Please scroll through my past posts.

A bit about me: I was elected as a first-time councillor in 2017 for the Town of Black Diamond, Alberta. I have a family; my spouse and I and our son. We own a duplex with my sister and share a front and backyard. We try not to argue too often. I am self-employed. I like dogs and horses. I try to do as much of what I enjoy in life as opposed to what I hate. Speaking of my dislikes: I try not to waste, I don’t like olives at all and crowds make me nervous.

I look forward to sharing more about myself and what I see and do about town. Please feel free to contact me or leave comments. This blog is a place not just for me to ramble but for you to present your ideas, complaints, queries and thoughts.

I’ll end this introduction with one of my favourite thoughts, and I think a great way to look at life:

Spend the afternoon. You can’t take it with you. — Annie Dillard


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Veronica rules!!! Don’t know how you manage so much in one day! Very fortunate to have you on council. Cheers to you mah dear Veronica🤗


  2. Delightful blog, Veronica. I think this is a wonderful way to communicate what you do and what you learn as a councilor. Your dedication and hard work is valuable and most appreciated.
    Curiously, I was watching the progress on this home across from Salus Wellness and was impressed that they had such a good rain water catchment set up……..I did not realize that was your establishment. High five to you and yours!
    Sorry the water in the carnival water dump wasn’t pre-warmed in the sun for you, brave woman;) Just looking at the picture gives me shivers. However, I imagine you are in a good position to assess who you would want on you team should you take up baseball!


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